Final Feedback and Submission of Summative APP

Collate all evidence/paperwork/feedback regarding the student’s performance during the unit from all personnel involved and schedule a meeting to discuss student’s performance with colleagues if appropriate. Meeting with other colleagues is vital when there is more than one educator for the student/s.

Complete the student’s final APP considering all the evidence.

Schedule a meeting with your student to discuss their performance during the unit and their final APP. Remind them to self assess using the APP and to print and bring a copy of their self assessment to your final feedback meeting.

Following the meeting with the student immediately submit the final APP to the respective University. The assessment must clearly reflect the student’s performance in relation to the items and their performance indicators. Written comments with suggested strategies for learning and improvement in the following units should also be provided. Don’t forget to also identify the areas the student has performed well in, give praise where it is due!

Evaluate the student’s learning experience during placement through discussion and /or completion of a questionnaire. An example of a Student Feedback Questionnaire is provided here.

What considerations should I keep in mind when making rating decisions as part of completing the final summative APP?

Substantiate your decisions regarding ratings and written feedback with concrete examples of student actions and behaviours based on your observations.

Base your ratings on your student’s overall performance for each item collecting examples from the beginning of the unit. It is important that where possible your comments/feedback refer to more than one example of your student’s performance otherwise they may feel they are being evaluated on the basis of a single incident.

Avoid altering standards. The standards against which you rate the student’s performance at mid unit and final evaluation should remain the same, that is, against the standard of an entry level/minimally competent graduate.

For video examples of different standards of student performance please refer to this page.