2015 Video Vignettes

In order to assist in delivering a consistent assessment of student clinical performance, a suite of 12 video vignettes depicting various standards of student performance as assessed by the APP are available for training assessors.

The videos have been scripted and tested extensively to ensure they are representative of the level of performance at which they have been rated

The videos depict a student performing a patient assessment (patient interview and physical examination) at each of the following levels as measured by the global rating scale on the APP:

  • Not adequate (failing) performance
  • Adequate (passing) performance
  • Good to Excellent performance

The 4 clinical areas covered in the videos include inpatient orthopaedics, cardiorespiratory, neurological rehabilitation and outpatient musculoskeletal physiotherapy.

For each of the 4 clinical areas, background information on the patient and the setting for the assessment by the student is provided. Additionally, included with each vignette of student performance is an outline of the behaviours exhibited by the student (performance indicators) that provide evidence supporting the grading of the student’s performance. This information is provided in the Clinical Assessment User Manual.

The level of performance in each video is intentionally blinded for training purposes. The key to the performance level can be found in the Clinical Assessment Resource Package.

Reflection pointIt is strongly recommended that you read the APP Video Vignette User Manual prior to viewing the videos

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