Workplace Assessment Module

Conventions used throughout this guide

Reflection point
Reflection point
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Video available
Notes or writing task
Notes or writing task


To use the Assessment of Physiotherapy Practice (APP) instrument to assess student performance, give feedback and set learning goals

Learning objectives

Increase confidence and skill in:

  • Recognising the domains of practice used in the APP
  • Using the APP to measure student performance (ie rating each domain 0-4)
  • Using performance indicators for each domain
  • Planning and providing feedback to students using the APP

Expected timeframe to complete module: Approx 2 hours

Learning Activities

During this online module, you will:

Watch 6 short video clips of physiotherapy student Kerry interacting with patient Barry and her supervisor, Carol.

  • Video 1: Physiotherapy student Kerry conducts an interview (subjective examination) with patient Barry (5 minutes)
  • Video 2: Feedback discussion between Kerry and her supervisor regarding Kerry’s performance (22 seconds)
  • Video 3: Kerry and her supervisor discuss the rationale for selecting gait as a focus for further observational assessment (31 seconds)
  • Video 4: Kerry conducts an observational assessment of Barry’s gait (1min 17 secs)
  • Video 5: Kerry’s supervisor asks her to describe her observations of Barry’s gait (58 seconds)
  • Video 6: Kerry and her supervisor discuss Barry’s gait assessment findings and generate hypotheses for his reduced heel strike (1 minute 29 seconds)

Practice using the APP and logbook to record student performance

Review some theory about the clinical reasoning process

Reflect on using the APP to guide your feedback conversations with students and to set learning goals

Optional Tasks

Watch a video of a physiotherapy student treating a musculoskeletal client who has had a recent knee replacement

Watch a video of a physiotherapy student treating a cardiothoracic patient

Practice using the APP to score student performance for INTERVENTION (items 14 – 18 )