Purpose of website?

This website is for Clinical Educators (CEs) supervising physiotherapy students during their professional practice placements. Information on the following is available:
  • When to use the APP form

  • How to conduct an assessment of student performance using the APP

  • Who else to involve in completion of the APP form

  • Video Vignettes from 4 clinical areas of different standards of student performance – What does a passing/ failing/ good/ excellent performance look like?

What is the APP instrument?

The APP is a 20-item instrument covering seven domains of practice (professional behaviour, communication, assessment, analysis and planning, intervention, evidence-based practice, and risk management). Performance indicators accompany each item to guide student learning and provide educators with with specific examples of behaviours that belong to each domain of practice. These are examples of expected student behaviour and are not a comprehensive list of all the behaviours you might observe.

When to use the APP

The APP can be used at any time during a placement to provide feedback and assist educator assessment of student performance. However, the following are 3 key occasions for use of the APP.

  • 1
    Before the placement
    • to clearly set the expectations you have of the student during the placement;
    • to assist the student set learning goals in relation to the expectations;
    • to ensure you and your student are on the same page regarding assessment and feedback (in relation to the goals and the expectations).
  • 2
    During the clinical placement
    • to provide formative feedback. The APP must be completed formally at mid unit, however it can be used frequently throughout the placement to assist students to improve performance.
  • 3
    At the end of the clinical unit
    • to provide summative feedback to the student and the University (the form will be given to the student and also submitted to the University).