Task Two: Prioritising feedback

After interviewing Barry, Kerry has a conversation with her supervisor. Watch this video.

VideoVideo 2

  1. Make some comments on the positive aspects of the feedback given by the supervisor. As well, list any aspects that could be improved.Writing task
    Positive aspects of feedback Aspects of feedback that could be improved
  2. Using the APP for feedback
    1. To reinforce the student’s perception of what they have done well, choose two performance indicators from items five and seven to give specific positive feedback to the student as a behaviour or skill
    2. Identify tasks, skills or behaviours that you would like the student to improve and demonstrate in the next learning opportunity. Choose performance indicators from items five and seven.
      Reflection pointReflect on why you chose these two items and their related performance indicators? What others might you also choose to discuss with the student?
    For feedback to be effective the discussion between the supervisor and student needs to be a dialogue rather than the educator providing all the feedback. How might you ensure the student is engaged in the feedback conversation?
Summary Task Two: This activity is to assist you to identify strategies for effective feedback.